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discover the magic of horses

Horses have an innate ability to mirror people's emotions and behaviour. The opportunity of being outdoors in an experiential, adventure based learning, has many proven benefits and positive impacts on resilience, self confidence and emotional regulation. Given the nature of social pressures, including, post covid recovery and climate anxiety, we have been facing vey complex issues unseen previously in our lifetime. Interventions involving animals and the natural environment prove valuable to us especially during these times and including the lock down period. Positive role of touch in human- animal interaction, animal companionship and the natural environment is paramount during this time of post covid recovery and beyond.

This is a method, which helps us hold ourselves still and clear with our gentle loving minds so we can communicate and be at peace with others and ourselves in our daily lives. We naturally invite the law of attraction to guide us moment by moment, by trusting and believing.

By bringing horses and a holistic body treatment together in this programme, we wish to create and develop the beauty of a balanced mind and body to holistic wellness and health. With this mode of approach, we look at the bigger picture… it is important for you to know that one change could affect everything. For example, bad or wrong parenting could affect your kids, affect their personal life’s and relationships, studies and so on; at the end it’d equally affect you. It is basically addressing the whole person including their physical, mental and emotional heath, while taking social factors into consideration.

This programme has four elements, which are blended and combined to suit your needs holistically throughout the whole day.

One to one or family coaching would give you clarity around your goals and ambitions for the future. Working with you on a solution-based focus empowers and changes past energy and trauma into desire and even increases that feel good factor as to how you carry yourself in the society. This is because you will benefit from a non-judgmental listening environment where you can speak freely. It goes without saying that clarity and vision sets you up for a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

When working with horses in nature, they act as catalyst to bring awareness to the conscious level. Horses don’t operate through a logical left-brain but through non-verbal communication. They are highly conscious to the energy around them, especially that of humans. They react, defy or align according to what they sense around them. When working with them as partners, they can act as feedback mechanisms allowing us to discover new things about ourselves, which open a door for change.
No riding or equestrian experience is required and your physical and emotional safety is important to us at all times.

When we are suffering, either emotionally or physically, our energy systems are out of balance. We are open to change when we work with horses and facilitators for change. It is a growth opportunity on all levels emotional, spiritual and bodily.

Being with a mental health specialist and horses can really lift the spirits and there is a safe space to explore anxieties and tensions often we ignore and over time this is not good for our physical bodies and hearts and minds. Let’s hold each other and learn a new way with the magic and power of horses.

What Outcomes To Expect

This is a truly personal and individual learning, it's an experiential experience so a in the moment occurrence. Self-reflective therefore everyone has their own unique moments and 'aha' moment specific outcomes to yourself. People have shared that they gain greater awareness of their true and authentic personal qualities and inner selves as a result. Which enables them to create future goals and visions, and find the energy and which quickly implement them into their lives which in the past they have not been able to act on their ideas. The reviewers of the programme say that where they have been stopped for sometimes years they find a new renewed vigour and see things clearly and therefore experience momentum which immediately enhances their lives.
The key benefits to this holistic programme are;

Outline Programme Timetable

Timetable Duration of Day Start Finish Lunch Session 1 Session 2
Horse Sense for Life Session

(*Times may vary from this schedule)
Fee : £250 for the one day group programme including lunch and afternoon tea with all refreshments. ( Students £150 concession. )
Accomodation can be arranged for you close to the centre if required. Please request at time of booking. No special equipment is required to take part in this programme. Please advise any dietary requirements.

who you will be
working with

Lilwen Selina Joynson

Lilwen Selina is the founder and director of HorseSense for Life and a published author of "Making A Difference". Lilwen has been delivering Equine Assisted Learning and therapy to individuals, services, businesses and corporates since 2012. She is a certified mental health and equine specialist, Integrative Counsellor BSc (Hons) and certified NLP practitioner. She owns 5 horses and continues to breed Section A ponies in Wales. Lilwen Selina is trained and certified by – Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) which is the leading international non-profit association for professionals incorporating horses for personal and professional development needs.

Susannah Powell

Susannah is a an equine specialist been working with horses since a child and made her career from working in the forestry working alongside her own home bred horses and mules. A highly intuitive spiritual holistic approach to being with her herd and owns a organic wellbeing centre on the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast. Establishing a Horse Sense for Life Centre in 2021 and delivering session both for families and organisations a heart centred being truly connected to equines and the earth.

Chris Paling

Chris has over twenty years of therapeutic behaviour change experience working as a drug and substance misuse worker in services and has built on a foundation of harm reduction and uses a person centred approach with clients. He is continuously developing himself to have greater knowledge and understanding of how to support his clients including cognitive therapy, trauma informed therapy. Chris emphasis the importance of harm reduction and staying healthy and connected. He joins the team at Horse Sense for Life as a veteran and a gentle truly passionate horseman who has seen an opportunity to further develop himself now to offer equine therapy and learning with clients.


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