Horse Sense programme

For Young People

Let’s face it to have a steady personality isn’t a day’s job. There are times your own personal resolve is challenged. Young people are more often than not very gullible.
What we offer at Horse Sense is building confidence, creating clear communication, and living life with authenticity for all young people no matter your age group. To achieve this, we work with horses in a common sense no nonsense approach. With the facilitators whom you would find to be very welcoming and down to earth, they would help you partner with horses in a herd, where there is space for growth and change. They would help guide you through changes that would help you make a difference in your chosen areas of life.

Horse Sense Session With Horses

This is a method, which helps us hold ourselves still and clear with our gentle loving minds so we can communicate and be at peace It is worthy of note that, with a few well-chosen words, and a forced smile perhaps we may be able to hide our real feelings from another person. However, fooling a horse is… lets say impossible. They don’t operate through the logical left-brain, but through non-verbal communication. They are highly in tune with the energy around them, and that of humans. They react basically to what they sense around them, so what you feel exactly is how the horse is going to react. No chance to use words to hide exactly how you feel. Our facilitators, with knowledge of exactly how horses react, would be able to discern from the horses reaction, how you feel, and the button they may need to push on… outlining strategies. with others and ourselves in our daily lives. We naturally invite the law of attraction to guide us moment by moment, by trusting and believing.

The fact that young people may most often be indecisive should not be held against them, it is just a stage of life after all. The concept of horse-assisted personal development for students and young people builds on where the person is right now and gives fast results to allow them take actions with direction and clarity.

But Why Horses Then?

Well, like I earlier mentioned, horses are mirrors of our behaviour and give an honest and immediate feedback. This method is not only faster, it is more reliable to give you the results you seek to better that disturbing aspect of your life. With this feedback, you will learn a lot about yourselves and others. Isn’t it worth a shot then?

What Outcomes To Expect

No two persons are the same; a situation I could handle with ease may be a serious stumbling block on your path to a better life. Same as the way I may recover from something may not be the same as you may do. Be that as it may, there are some common benefits to expect from this programme;

Outline Programme Timetable

Timetable Duration per Day 8 Week 12 Week
Horse Sense Session
2 hrs
One day a week for 8 weeks
One day a week for 12 weeks

This programme includes a assessment session via Skype for 1 hr prior to the start date.
No special equipment is required to take part in this programme.

who you will be
working with

Lilwen Selina Joynson

Lilwen Selina is the founder and director of HorseSense for Life which has been delivering Equine Assisted Learning and therapy to individuals, services, businesses and corporates since 2012. She is a certified mental health and equine specialist, Integrative Counsellor BSc (Hons) and certified NLP practitioner. She owns 5 horses and continues to breed Section A ponies in Wales. Lilwen Selina is trained and certified by – Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) which is the leading international non-profit association for professionals incorporating horses for personal and professional development needs.


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