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If you have ever been told that life is an easy ride, you are in for a rude awakening. Life can appear tough, very tough actually and it becomes more complicated as decades pass by. Human relationship has deteriorated because of technology mainly, amongst other things. What is certain is that, each time you want to give up, remember that; life is a test and whenever there’s a test, the master is never around to assist you. He is only confident to have prepared you well enough for what lies ahead, and has put at your disposal everything you may need to see you through.

Ever worked with a horse or horses for therapy?

Therapy is common, especially when people feel like they need assistance elsewhere, which they can’t find on their own. But then, the impetus of therapy is as unique and diverse as the individuals who seek it. We all have different personalities and react differently to certain situations, which explains why; conventional methods of therapy won’t work at all for us all.

Have you noticed that some people turn to love their pets so much that you wonder at times if it is charm that has consumed them?

Animals can’t speak human languages, so they provide a very non-judgmental and comfort zone for those who are struggling with a mental health or learning disorder for example. Equine therapy doesn’t only give you quality time with animals, but it provides people with responsibility roles as well as giving a people the experience of achieving a goal.

Most successful people turn to say that “therapy has nothing to do with me”… well, without prejudice to the fact that most human relationships depend upon success or that successful people are mostly admired in the society, we all have our issues. Is it a task you have to complete, or better communication with you son or daughter, or an office break up, it goes on and on.


---- for life ----

is a coaching and therapy organisation that has helped 1000’s of people who have been looking for a safe alternative way to find solutions for business problems and therapy solutions for individuals and groups.

This unique model of working increases people's confidence and awareness. Allows you to create clear life and work goals which offers calmness and peace of mind. People are encouraged to explore and discover their own solutions whilst being guided by facilitators and a herd of horses. Through self reflection and awareness the new patterns and shifts are observed through the horses, therefore can be easily accepted which allows different choices to be made. Often the transformation is very subtle and made at the unconscious part of the mind. When we team this horse power with a mental health certified counsellor / coach and a horse specialist with a set of clear boundaries it is a powerful intervention. No pills or potions or side affects or years of sitting in a therapy chair. Its a simple ‘solution focused’ intervention done outside in a field:

  • Increased confidence
  • Increased awareness
  • Self Reflection
  • Life and Work Goals
  • Calmness and peace of mind

Why Horses?

Horses are very peculiar animals, they would more or less be your reflection; whatever you are feeling, they would mirror that. If you are calm, they are calmed, anxious, they are anxious, happy, they are happy. They would literally bring out every fear and insecurity you’ve ever had.

The bond between horses and humans is very old. They were practically the first animals to have been domesticated by man, kind of explains the closeness. They have a trick of their hooves, so to speak… they can hear the human heartbeat within 4 feet, and research on heart rate variability indicates that horses have a profound ability to synchronize their own heartbeat with that of human beings.

Equine Assisted Growth And Learning Model Video

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“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” ― Winston S. Churchill
Here’s your chance… come, commune with our horses, you won’t leave the same and that’s a guarantee.
There are so many benefits of equine therapy… mainly the fact that it is experienced and solution-based, fun programmes included so it is done with relative ease, it is fast, on the spot, and very reliable.
We have a couple of programmes we offer to interested participants; be you an individual, a young person, a complete family, we have something planned for you.

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