Horse Sense

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Horse sense for life provides for people to explore what is really going on with them. We all have the desire to get away sometime to have some alone time… well this is the perfect chance for you. The need to connect with your inner self and unlock negative beliefs and blocks, gain emotional growth and cultivate an abundance mind-set.

Experience Your Transformation

By living through this experience, in that moment, the impact of the learning is rapid, effective and lasting.

In our daily lives, we turn to compare, choose, change, resist and make decisions that lead to further frustration. We often ignore stress, anger or anxiety as a way to try to eliminate it.

These are misguided methods to achieve real solutions; instead you should strive to be happy and fulfilled.

By experiencing rather than ignoring the situation, you would be able to see things for yourself. As such you would be able to observe it, stay in touch with it and change it to positive effect.

Resistance leads to persistence. By experiencing this, you would gain an understanding that would lead to outstanding breakthroughs in the area of life you are working on. At times it is better to deal head on with fear, anxiety, hatred, guilt and bitterness, you have to be able to take responsibility and deal with things through real experience.

Horse sense for life is a solution-based program that will leave you empowered to make things happen for yourself in many areas of your life, even after a single session.

It is an active and real life experience where there is no right or wrong answer; you just work on the field with horses that help to solve your dilemmas. Horses mirror human behaviour and are great teachers in the here and now. A sense of fun and playfulness keeps you liberated, at ease, and helps you to discover new things for yourself and find answers you have been searching for.

Are you ready to discover the real you?

When working with horses in nature, they act as catalysts to bring awareness to the conscious level. Horses don’t operate through a logical left-brain but through non-verbal communication. They are highly in tune with the energy around them, including that of humans. They react, defy or align according to what they sense around them. When working with them as partners they can act as mirrors or feedback mechanisms allowing us to see new things about ourselves, which open a door to change.
No riding or equestrian experience is required and your safety is priority at all times.

What Outcomes To Expect

As the facilitation is experiential and self-reflective, each person achieves his or her own unique outcomes. Participants will gain greater awareness of their true and authentic personal qualities and inner selves and create future goals and visions which will benefit their life. The key benefits of this holistic programme are:

Outline Programme Timetable

Timetable Duration per Day 8 Week 12 Week
Horse Sense Session
2 hrs
One day a week for 8 weeks
One day a week for 12 weeks

This programme includes a assessment session via Skype for 1 hr prior to the start date.
No special equipment is required to take part in this programme.

who you will be
working with

Lilwen Selina Joynson

Lilwen Selina is the founder and director of HorseSense for Life which has been delivering Equine Assisted Learning and therapy to individuals, services, businesses and corporates since 2012. She is a certified mental health and equine specialist, Integrative Counsellor BSc (Hons) and certified NLP practitioner. She owns 5 horses and continues to breed Section A ponies in Wales. Lilwen Selina is trained and certified by – Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) which is the leading international non-profit association for professionals incorporating horses for personal and professional development needs.


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