Why Us?

Horse Sense For Life are well known for delivering powerful transforming packages that significantly shift attitudes and mindsets in both personal and business environments

Lilwen Selina is the founder and director of HorseSense for Life which has been delivering Equine Assisted Learning and therapy to individuals, services, businesses and corporates since 2012. She is a certified mental health and equine specialist, Integrative Counsellor BSc (Hons) and certified NLP practitioner. She owns 5 horses and continues to breed Section A ponies in Wales. Lilwen Selina is trained and certified by – Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) which is the leading international non-profit association for professionals incorporating horses for personal and professional development needs. plus photo as found here ?

What we Do

We provide fast, effective, solution-based learning and development programmes for personal and professional development in business. We believe people have the answers within - they just need the space and freedom to discover it via a solution focused intervention

We work with children and young people in an outdoor, natural environment through facilitating interaction with horses. We support them through various challenges and transitions in life, using the Eagala model of equine assisted growth and learning.

We offer participants the opportunity to interact with horses and may be given various activities and tasks to complete. The sessions are designed to provide opportunities for self-discovery and development of life skills, positive behavioral change, life choices and self-esteem.

All sessions are from the ground (no horse riding) and no previous experience with horses is required. Sessions are facilitated by a qualified mental health and a horse professional in partnership with the horses.

our past clients Surrey and swansea councils

Discovery learning through horses

Discovery learning is a facilitated approach of experiential learning, where you learn by doing and discovering for yourself rather than being shown or told what to do. We believe we have the answers within; we just need the space, freedom and creativity to discover this for ourselves.

Discovery learning helps children who struggle in main stream education to discover their talents, passion and uniqueness, enabling them to shine. Our work also extends to support the family unit.

"Offers an engaging way of exploring problem-solving and challenge management and the opportunity for individuals to discover their strengths and weaknesses in dynamic real-life situations."
Peter Stonham
Chairman, Landor Travel Publication

Holistic Three-Day Immersion Programme

Horse Sense Programme For Young People

Individual Or Family Horse Sense Programme

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