Code of Practice and Ethics

The Eagala Code of Ethics serves as a standard of ethics and professionalism in the conduct of business and practice for all Eagala members. We agree to adhere to Eagala’s high standards of ethics and professionalism to establish and instill confidence in our clients, fellow professionals, and communities.
The Eagala Code of Ethics is, first and foremost, based on providing for the fundamental, overall safety and well-being of the client and horses. Ethical decisions and conduct should be consistent with the letter and spirit of this Code.
Failure to act in accordance with the Code may result in loss of status within the Eagala association and revoking of professional certification.

  1. The Eagala member will provide the highest quality of service and care in supporting and assisting clients in personal growth and learning.
  2. The Eagala member will respect and honor the value and dignity of all, and protect the safety, welfare, and best interest of clients and horses.
  3. The Eagala member will always consider both physical and emotional safety concerns. This includes physical safety utilizing horses and proper maintenance of a safe facility. Therapeutic approaches will be implemented in a respectful manner, maintaining the emotional safety, privacy, and rights of confidentiality of all clients, and never abusing power through sexual or inappropriate relationships with clients.
  4. The Eagala member will continually evaluate the progress of clients and will promptly refer them to other professional services, if and when this is in the best interest of the client.
  5. The Eagala member will treat other associates and professionals with courtesy and respect their views, ideas, and opinions.
  6. The Eagala member will share information, experiences, and ideas that will benefit, strengthen, and improve the effectiveness of the Eagala Model and the field of equine-assisted psychotherapy and personal development in general.
  7. The Eagala member will regularly evaluate their own professional strengths and limitations and will seek to improve themselves, and the profession, through ongoing education and training.
  8. The Eagala member will not misrepresent themselves by claiming or implying professional certification, qualifications, education, experience, or affiliations not possessed by the member.
  9. The Eagala member will follow all state/country laws and guidelines pertaining to the scope of their practice and limitations of business.
  10. The Eagala member should not participate in, condone, or be associated with dishonesty, fraud, deceit, illegal activities, or misrepresentation.
  11. The Eagala member will not engage in personal conduct which adversely affects the quality of professional services rendered, nor cause harm to the reputation of the profession.
  12. The Eagala member will maintain the highest standards of professional integrity.