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Making a Difference Now Available

“Making a Difference will inspire you as you join Lilwen on the journey from brokenness to healing, wholeness, and happiness. You’ll see why and how following your passions can not only give your life purpose, but it can also allow you to experience extraordinary breakthroughs and make the kind of difference in the world you’ve always dreamed of.”
Bob Proctor, Foreword

My new book is now available. Writing this book has been a journey that all started with a committed decision after attending an 8-day programme by Bob Proctor. So much so, after I made the commitment – the magic happened. It was so easy and effortless that I woke up at 3.45 am with a clear and concise command from somewhere within to write down the book’s title and chapter headings, all twelve of them, in my notebook.

This personal account of my discovery of equine therapy and subsequently helping over 1000 clients by tapping into the magic of horses.

If you like horses, love horses or are interested in equine therapy, this is a must read book!

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