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Allatra TV Appearance

On Saturday, Lilwen Selina made an appearance on AllatRa TV Ireland as part of their #creativesociety campaign to speak about her work as an equine-assisted psychotherapist, HorseSense for Life. Through this work, Lilwen Selina has achieved excellent results working with a wide range of people. In describing the processes involved in this therapy, Lilwen Selina’s focus is always on the solution. By inviting her clients to think about what a good solution would look like, it provides the opportunity to open up negative loops that the person may have and change their inner dialogue.

Working with horses in nature yields powerful results and in this interview, Lilwen Selina gives a couple of examples where miracles have happened as a result of this work. Horses mirror our feelings and when you tap into that, transformation happens.

As part of this interview, Lilwen Selina was asked to describe a society where you, friends and family will be happy. Lilwen Selina’s answer? Let’s start with the solution – we, they, are happy now. By being compassionate, empathic, speaking freely with love and generosity – we stay in a state where we are in tune with our emotions. By looking forward and feeling as if the future has already happened and as if whatever problem we face is resolved, even if we can’t see it yet – it will happen.

The #creativesociety campaign is founded on eight principles:

  • Human life
  • Human freedom
  • Human safety
  • Transparency and openness of information for all
  • The creative ideology
  • Development of personality
  • Justice and equality
  • Self-governing society

In asking Lilwen Selina her thoughts on point 6, she interprets this to mean that you are free to discover yourself, to fulfil your desires without restriction. When we do this work, we feel satisfied and whole, like you can deal with anything but stated that only you can change yourself.

If you would like to watch the interview in full, you can do so here.

If you are interested to find out more or to book your free 15-minute consultation about how equine-assisted therapy could help you transform your life, contact Lilwen on or call 07964 302476.

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  1. Alina

    I watched the conversation and really enjoyed it. Absolutely amazing explanation of Development of Personality was given by Lilwen Selina. I truly believe if people will take responsibility for their life we can build Creative Society in the nearest future.

  2. erotik

    Muchos Gracias for your article. Really thank you! Cool. Jacquenette Chrisse Carrington

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